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Clock keeps time,does not chime

Hi Paul,

I'm not sure how old your clock is
but I think it may be from 1986. That would
make it almost 30 years old.

Clocks wear out over the years. Usually if nothing
is done to them, such as cleaning and oiling, they
wear out in about 25 years.

Once a clock is worn out, the mechanism needs either a complete rebuilding
or a new movement.

You can try oiling the clock and you may get more time out of it before
you have to repair or replace the movement.

Here is a link for "How to oil a grandfather clock."

Take off the side panels of the clock and work from the inside of the clock plates.
I don't think you are going to get the pivot holes like shown in the video since
you are going to keep the clock in the case.

Any 100% synthetic oil of the lightest weight is good.
A thin wire with a drop of oil is needed for each pivot
hole. A syringe type needle is best if you can get one.

Once oiled you can wiggle the gears a bit the get the clock
running again.

Looking at the clock the right weight runs the chime. The middle
weight runs the time and pendulum. The left weight runs the hour
strike. The heaviest weight should be on the right.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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