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John, I befriended a 95 year old man about a year ago and he asked me if I could finish assembly of a grandfather clock he started long ago. Many parts of the case as well as hardware parts missing. Quite frankly, I don't really know if I can pull this off or not. The Label on the clock face is :Sessions, written on the box is :Moon Dial Tempus Fugic KLP 83 and other box markings include: "049833 and 80-301. The pendulum is Lyre style, engraved (Beautiful). The Movement is Kienger #Esu - 03 1.6cm and other box markings include: LaRoce 05K 116m. The plans he has are from Mason & Sullivan Co, 39 Blossom Ave, Osterville, MA Copyright 1962, Grandfather Clock F150B. For some reason I don't think these plans are for this movement because the "Mason" plans appear to be intended for someone to make all the wooden parts. The 3 Case parts (2 Sides & Door) that John has appear to me to be pre-manufactured for assembly. To make matters worse, there are no plans/instructions for assembly of the movement parts (Face to motor, etc)nor the case parts. If I could find out who made this "Clock Kit" it might be possible to acquire what's needed so I am wondering if I rang any bells while you were reading this?

Wayne, its good of you to offer to help out your friend.  I will do what I can to assist you.  You have given me a lot of manufacturer's names, so I will try to sort it out.  

Sessions was one of the major American clock companies from the mid to late 1800's through the early 1900's.  I don't know of any connection Sessions had with what I consider modern production clocks (since WWII).  The term "Tempus Fugit" is not a manufacturer but a phrase put in a globe on a clock arch dial when there is no moving moon dial.  "Tempus Fugit" is Latin for "Time Flies".  I do not recognize the KLP 83, although some manufacturers used a two digit number for the date a movement was made, so it might be 1983.  One of the German movement manufacturers is Kieninger and they are now owned by Howard Miller.  I do not recognize the #Esu-03 1.6cm.  Kieninger does make the KSU and MSU models.  I have never seen a listing of the ESU.  S. LaRose was a supplier of clock parts and has been out of business for quite a few years.  They did, as other companies do, purchase movements from manufacturers with their names imprinted on them.   The 05K 116cm would have been a Kieninger movement, as the 116cm movement was a standard pendulum length for them.  Mason and Sullivan, also out of business for quite a few years, did offer plans, kits and would use, I think, Kieninger, Urgos, Jauch and Hermle movements for their kits.  I do have some old M&S catalogs and will check to see if I have a listing for the F150B, whatever it might be.  Many kit manufacturers would provide kits with certain parts made and assembled such as doors, side frames, molding, finials and crowns.  As cases could use different movements, the assembly of the movement, dial and chime rod assemblies would be in a different set of instructions.

I think the best way for us to proceed is for you to let me know exactly what you have and we can determine if you have enough parts to finish this clock.  I do have plenty of clock hardware.  So, I will need photos of what you have, such as the movement, dial, chime rod assembly, weights, pendulum, case parts, and anything you think might help.  Please reply to my clock shop email address below as I can receive multiple photos and we can make further connections, such as by phone.

John Newman
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The Village Clocksmith
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Due to the work backlog I have at my clock shop and my commitment to answering Allexperts questions on a timely basis, I cannot answer other personal email questions immediately, but will try to answer as soon as I can.  Thank you for your patience.

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