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I recently acquired a king Arthur Hermle movement clock. It was in storage for years. Had run for two days when newly bought. Am trying to get it running again, but it will only run for few minutes then stop! How can I oil the movement? can it be done with the movement in the case? Any adjustment that I can do? Thanks for your help!

Hi Jonathan,

I think you are referring to a tubular chime clock. Or at least
the only King Arthur clocks I've worked on were tubular chime clocks.

Anything that has been is storage for years should be cleaned then oiled.
This may be an expense for you.

If you want to try to get the clock going you will need to oil the movement
Then look on line for something that shows you "how to set a clock in beat."

If you oil the clock with a synthetic oil and set it in beat the clock may run
for a long time. BUT!!!!!!

Let the clock run for a few months like that, then you will have to have the clock
cleaned to get the old oil and dust out of the pivot holes. Not cleaning the clock
can cause it to wear out at a much faster rate. letting it run for a few months will
loosen up the old oil and it will be a bit easier to clean.

See if you can find a you tube video on how to oil a clock and how
to set a clock in beat.

To clean the movement it will need to be taken out of the case. When you are ready
to do that....if you have done research on how to clean a clock....I may be able to
help you a bit more down the road. One thing at a time....

If the dirt is loosened I would be able to do the job in your house
for about $300 if it isn't worn out. To take it to the shop runs into closer to the 1k
mark. And that is if it doesn't need bushings. Old dust and oil cause
the brass to wear out which is why you need to clean the clock sooner rather
than later.

You may be able to find a horologist who is willing to clean the clock in your home.

Hope this helps,
The Clock lady  

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