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There are three key holes.  Which does what?

Hi Pete,

Whenever there are 3 key holes that means that 3 mainsprings are working on 3 different running trains.

Looking at the dial:
Left winding arbor is for the striking of the hour.
Center winding arbor is for the time keeping of the clock, including pendulum motion.  
Right winding arbor is for the quarterly chime.

A Schmeckenbecher clock always reminds me of cuckoo clocks. Their path in
chime clocks was brief....Or I'm just coming across these chime clocks now.
In other words this is the time of renewal for these movements.

All clocks need to be maintained. Cleaned and oiled every 5 years or so.
If this clock is giving you trouble in any way, a clock service provider
is recommended.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady  

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