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QUESTION: I have a wall 12 hour wall clock that my wife just loves. It is 23 1/2 inches in diameter. The minute hand is 8" length and hour is about 6 3.8" length. I believe I need a new movement but can't tell which to buy.
I am attaching 2 pictures. One is of the rear of the movement and the other is of front shaft and minute hand. The minute hand is held on with a nut. The minute hand as shown shows the shaft that fits into the movement. I don't know that the shaft should have come out. Maybe that is what the problem was in the minute hand continuously slipping.
I hope you can tell me what movement I would need to get it working again.

ANSWER: Hi David, thank you for the great photos. The minute hand shaft on your movement is broken. You will remove that shaft from the hand by unscrewing the nut. You will need a high torque movement and your hands will fit a typical quartz movement with an "I" shaft configuration. Here at we sell several different models and the only consideration will be how long the hand shaft needs to be. Please unscrew that hex nut holding the movement into the clock, take the movement out and measure the length of the threaded portion (that the hex nut was screwed onto) from the front of the movement box to the end of those threads.
Also; is there a glass over the face of the clock?
Give me that information and I'll advise the best fit for your clock.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: There is no glass on the clock.
The shaft is 7/16".

If the threaded portion of your movement is 7/16" long this movement should work perfectly:

Just to confirm your measurement: If you were measuring the total shaft length I need you to go back and measure just the threads.

Thank you,
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