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We bought this clock at an auction. We had to replace the suspension spring. The clock runs great but it does not chime. Is there a silent lever? Where is it located? Any ideas what we need to do?

Hi Pam,
If there is a silence lever it is usually (but not always) visible from the front. There would be a slow with a lever sticking out of it and it would be labeled "chime/silent" or something similar to that. I can't tell from the photo if there is a lever or not.
The next thing to check is the weights. The heaviest weight should be on the right side as you face the clock.
Next you would see if the hammers move freely. They should be at rest in an even line. And you should be able to move the hammers back and let them drop to hit the rods. If any of them are stuck it can cause the chime to stop.
Another possible cause would be lubricant. Clocks should be oiled every two years and hardly any of them get this service. Old dried up oil can cause the chime to stop.
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