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QUESTION: Hi Michael,

I have a Kienzle mantel clock that I bought recently. And I noticed that at 3/4hour, one of the chime hammers lift up but did not hit the gong. I wonder if you can advise on this and any adjustment needed.


ANSWER: Hi Adam,
Does that hammer drop at the beginning of the house chime?

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QUESTION: Hi Michael,
Yes, it dropped at the hour.

This should be a fairly simple fix. The chime drum needs to be advanced far enough for that hammer to drop. Advance the minute hand and let the clock chime every quarter until it chimes the third quarter. There is a large gear on the back of the movement that drives the chime drum. I'm going to guess that there is one or two set screws holding that gear on the shaft. If so, loosen those screws, advance that gear to let that hammer drop then tighten the set screws back up.
Let me know if you don't see any set screws or have problems performing this repair.
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