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I have a verichron quartz wall clock.  It has a pendulum and a westminister chime.  It uses a C battery.  I don't have the papers on it, but it looks like the oak model 26192.  What can i do to get it running?  Or how do I know what to order?

Hi Gloria,

If you have changed the battery and it still doesn't work you will have
to change the mechanism.
You will need to remove the mechanism from the case.
Take off the hands.
Remove nut holding movement to case.
Measure the threaded part that goes through the dial.
Order a new movement with hands that go with the movement.
Sometimes it's hard to fit your old hands to the new movement.

here are some helpful hints:

Once you can figure out how to take it out, measure the movement and order the hands
you can buy a movement for your clock.

Or you can go to your local clock repair shop and have them do it.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady.  

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