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QUESTION: I have an electric clock from the late 1940's and when i plug in the clock it doesn't work. I inspected all the gears and they move freely and the wiring is in respectable shape . Is it possible that the clock can be repaired?

ANSWER: The possibility of repairing your clock depends on what movement is in it and what the problem is. Usually with an electric clock the problem is with the motor. Of course there are dozens of other things that could be causing the clock to not run. It would have to be diagnosed in person to determine the problem. The very first thing to check is the electric motor. There are a couple really good reasons: Most motors are not made anymore and can't be rebuilt. So if your motor is bad and replacements are not available the clock can't be repaired.
The motor needs to be taken off of the movement and tested on the bench. If it runs while off the movement the trouble is most likely inside movement. If the movement is worn but the motor is good the clock is probably repairable.
If you would like more information I need to know who made the clock or, better yet, who made the clock movement (not always the same company).
A photo of the movement showing the motor could be a great help as well.
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Clock Movement
Clock Movement  

Clock Movement
Clock Movement  
QUESTION: Here's some photos of the movement.

Thank you for the great photos. Mastercrafters has been out of business for a long time and nobody make replacement parts for them. If the motor is bad you can't buy a new one. If the motor is OK the movement might be able to be repaired but would need to be inspected by a qualified repair person.
Unfortunately this is the case with most electric clocks. There are a few exceptions where new parts are still available. For example: Synchron (Hansen) is still making motors. Lanshire quit production about a year and a half ago but we still have new motors and gear sets.
GE, General Time, Hammond, Sessions and many others don't make clock parts anymore and that leaves the electric clock repair market very limited and a large number of clock repair people don't work on them anymore.  

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