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QUESTION: I installed a LaRose movement in an family heirloom mantel clock in August of 2009. It ran fairly well, except for the need to constantly adjust for time accuracy until recently. Now once the clock begins to strike, whether it be on the hour or any quarter hour, it continues to strike for more then ten (10) minutes. The strike is a combination of chime melodies and hour strikes pretty much at random. The clock will sometimes strike on the next quarter hour again continuing for ten or more minutes or may fail to strike at all. It also continues to keep time poorly, picking up several minutes daily. Any help is appreciated.

ANSWER: Hi Dick,
Can you tell me what kind of movement it is?
Battery operated?
Wind up?
Any markings on it?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the quick response Michael. It is a brass wind up movement. The clock is in another location. I will have access to it again on Thursday. I will get back to you then with the numbers that are stamped on the mechanism. I apologize for presenting the problem without having the clock in front of me.

It's most likely a German movement. Perhaps a Hermle. The levers that make the chime and strike start and stop are on the front of the movement. Depending on how the clock is built you will either need to take the face off to expose the movement but most likely the movement needs to come out of the clock case.
It could get pretty involved because you need to understand how the levers, cams and pins work. But if you are up to it I'll help all I can from here.
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