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I have a battery chime & pendulum wall clock that has stopped working..  I have changed the battery to no avail.  Suggestions?
Clock was purchased in 1978.

Hi Kim,

When the battery (quartz) movements go it's time to replace them.
One of the best sounding is the "quad" movement. It plays several tunes
and the sound quality is good.

You will need to look up how to remove them from the case and measure them.
Here is a link to that information:

It's too long for me to explain.
Once you figure out the type of movement you can call
Butterworth Clocks at 563-263-6759 and order the size "Quad" movement you
will need.

You may have to adjust the hands so they the hole if
too small or close the hole if too big.

Or you can bring it to your local clock shop and have them do the job for you.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady.  

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This is for advice only. ~Most~ repairs need a professional. If I can help you with an adjustment that can set your clock back in order I will try. I can not write a chapter on clock repair. I will point you in the right direction and you will have to do your own research on how clocks work for more intense repairs. -No Watches -No Appraisals. Search ebay for past sales for that information.


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