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I got this from my dad he passed its been working great but now all the sudden it's for example and Is 6oclok but it rings like it 12 o'clock when it's 12oclock it rings like it six something with the moon dial I'm thinking but don't know how it should do it rings at the right hour can u tell me how the moon needs to be so its right again?

Hi Bonny,

The moon dial and the ringing of the clock doesn't have anything to do with each other.

Let's take one at a time:

The ringing of the clock. If the clock is consistently at 12 it rings 6, then at 1 it rings 7, at 2 it rings 8, etc. you need to put the hands in the correct place.
At the next hour the clock strikes the hour count how many times it strikes. Then move ONLY THE HOUR HAND and point it at the number it just struck.
Then use the minute hand to turn the hands to set the clock to the current time.

The moon dial is set by the phase of the moon.
A full moon goes directly under the number 15.
Usually its one click per day if you are going to move it to set it.
The last full moon was on July 31st. So if you put the full moon under the number 15 then you turn it one click for everyday after the 31st. So for today, the 3rd, you would turn it to click 3 times past the full moon.
You can turn the moon dial by reaching inside the clock and moving the moon dial wheel.
It's a pretty big wheel that turns easily unless it is engaged to turn on it's own. Then it will not move.
If that happens you need to wait a few hours until it frees itself then you can turn it.

Hope this helps you,
The Clocklady

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