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QUESTION: My mother has a Harris & Mallow Verichon Quartz Wall Clock and needs to have the "motor" replaced.  The model Number that I can see is #2534, though the 3 could be an 8, it is hard to see.  She bought it at JC Penney's years ago and it has totally stopped on her.  Can I get a new "motor" so her clock will work again?  If so, which one?  



ANSWER: Hi Lenee,
I'm not sure what movement Harris & Mallow put in those clocks so I will need more information in order to match it up. I have a video on my website showing how to measure quartz clock movements for replacement. Can I get you to watch the first few minutes of it? You can find the video here:

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Clock Motor
Clock Motor  

Picture of Model #
Picture of Model #  
QUESTION: Thanks Michael!  I'll take a look!  I took a picture of it so if this will help let me know!

That's a Takane quartz chiming pendulum movement. We sell those in three shaft lengths. You will need to take the movement out of the clock and make two measurements:
Length of the threaded portion at the base of the hand shaft
Total shaft length from the front of the black movement housing to the tip.
We have a video on our home page showing how to take the movement out and do the measuring. You can see it here:
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