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I have a Mantel Type elgin clock with a 350-060 time mechanism.My wife bought this clock at a nearby antque dealer. The problem is this, while it still keeps time, the chiming feature doesn't seem to be working, it seem like its over wound, is it possible to ease up on the winding mechanism? there is one brass knob on the back that reads Chime-ching, and two more slot screws on the back that I haven't touched.

Hi Andrew,
Letting the power off of a mainspring can be dangerous without the proper tools and know-how. But the knobs and screws you are referring to have nothing to do with letting the power down. The mainspring click assembly is on the front of the movement but you should not try to do this yourself. The good news is that over-winding a clock is a myth and rarely is the cause of any problems.
There may by a chime on/off somewhere that may or may not be labeled. If you can post some photos showing the screws and knob I can probably tell you what they are.
The first thing to do is figure out if there is a chime on/off and be sure that it is in the on position. I would also like to see a photo of the movement showing the left side from the back. If there is a chime lever it might be visible from that vantage point.
The next thing to do would be to oil the clock movement. It is very common that a chime mechanism will start running when a small amount of oil is applied to the correct areas.
I have a video on YouTube showing how to oil a clock. You can see it here:
Thanks, Michael
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