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Clock motor
Clock motor  
I bought a replace motor and laid out all the parts in the proper order.
My very organized wife put them away and the order is lost.

Are there directions on how to attach the hands and put it all back together again??

See attachment:

Thanks in advance....

Hi Howard. This should be very simple as long as you have the hands that fit that movement. There is a brass washer and a brass nut on the movement.
1. Unscrew the nut and remove the washer.
2. Put the movement shaft through the hole in the clock face
3. Put the washer over the hand shaft and screw the nut back on
4. Press the hour hand onto the hand shaft pointing straight up to the 12 position
5. Press the minute hand on (also pointing straight up to the 12
6. Turn the thumbwheel on the back of the movement until the hands point to the correct time

We have a video on our home page showing how to install quartz movements. Most of the movements on there use a small nut to hold the minute hand on, yours presses on and does not have a minute hand nut. You can watch the video here:


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