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I have a very large Ridgeway wall clock that I took off the wall and removed the movement today, because the large hand fell off. The movement was labeled 12888SMO E06458. I have searched the internet and not sure which one to order. The hands are very long. The clock id 40 - 48" in dia. Do you sell or know where I can get a new one. When I removed it it all fell out of the case and I have no idea about length of shaft or anything else. The model of the clock is 5102.

According to the Youngtown website your movement has a 1/4" threaded portion and a 3/4" total shaft length. It shows the minute hand being held on with a small nut. We call that an "I" shaft movement.
The closest high torque movements I know of are:
1/4" threads with 5/8" total shaft length

7/16" threaded length with 7/8" total shaft length

If the clock face is 3/16" or thinner I would go with the first one because the second one might be too long (especially if you have glass over the face).

If you would like more information we have a video on our home page showing how to match up quartz movements and install them. You can see it half way down the following page:

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