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QUESTION: Marilyn,
I've acquired a Verichron pendulum clock that is in very good condition and keeps good time. It has 3 winding arbors and Westminster chimes. However the hour chimes are 3 hours behind at each hour, i.e., hour hand points to six the clock chimes 3 times. Can you please tell me the method to correct this. I don't want to cause any damage by just moving the hand to the correct hour.
Thank You in Advance for your help,


Easy answer to this problem. You will not do any damage by moving the hour hand...only the hour the number that the clock struck. If the clock is striking six but the hands are reading 9 o'clock just move the hour hand only to the number 6. Now the hands and the striking are in sync.

Then set the clock to the correct time using the minute hand.

Good luck. Please contact me if you have another question.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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Sam\'s cuckoo clock
Sam's cuckoo clock  
QUESTION: Marilyn, Thank You. The clock is working perfectly. That went so well that I'd like to ask you about another clock issue I have. While in Germany about 18 years ago I purchased a beautiful cuckoo that worked great until about a year ago when one of the three weights (left one) dropped to the floor. When pulled back to the top it coo coos all the way to the floor. I live near Anchorage Alaska and can't find a shop here to repair it. Do you work on German cuckoos or can you refer me to someone I can send it to?
Thanks Again for your assistance.
Kindest Regards,

Hi Sam,

I'm glad you had success with your other clock. That was an easy fix.
However this one....

Unless I take a look at the clock I will not be able to determine what is wrong. It sounds like an internal problem. At 18 years old the clock should be cleaned and oiled.
It looks like an 8 day clock. I love cuckoo clocks. Yes, I work on them.

You can email me at


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