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I have a rotary-pendulum mantle clock in a glass and brass case.  It just says Melody, made in W. Germany.  Inside, it says "Melodie quartz time."
The pendulum hangs from the works, and is driven mechanically by them.  The chimes are electronic, with two programs.

With a 1.4 V battery, it makes ticking sounds, but nothing moves.  The chimes work, but sound unimpressive. Should I try 3.4 V?  The case seems to fit a single C.  Are there replacement movements with a regulated rotary pendulum?

Hi Bob,
I've never seen one of these clocks made to operate on more than 1.5 volt. Applying 3.4 volts might damage the clock. I would not expect the chimes to sound impressive. They are electronic and sound like it. It's good news that you can hear it tick, that means that the quartz module is working. The problem is most likely mechanical rather than electronic. The movement would need to be opened up to find the cause. I have found bust bunnies inside them jamming up the gears before. I have also found gears with broken teeth and other more serious problems. In any case, I doubt if new parts are available so I'm hoping you don't need any.
That's the best I can do without examining the clock.
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