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Michael, I have a wall clock & says J.D. Bassett, 1922 Virginia. I saw some questions you answered on another site. The movement is working. The problem I have is there is a small nut that goes on top of the minute hand which holds it in place.Somehow that nut is gone. Is there a replacement for it? The minute hand is oval where it goes over the stem.
Thank you,

Hi Ken,

I'm sorry but this question was sent to me, Marilyn Bellotti, instead of Michael.

There are so many clocks out there. So I did a search on J.D Bassett clocks and saw
that most of them are battery movements. Does your clock have a battery movement in it?

If so I have so many hand nuts.... Unfortunately some have different sizes than others.

The best thing for you to do is to go to a local clock repair shop. They probably
have many. I would just put it on for no charge. I don't know about other shops.

Here is a link to the newest sizes.

Another option is to call Timesavers 1-800-552-1520 and let them know the length of the minute hand.
They may be able to help you find the correct hand nut for your clock.

If you take out the movement you may be able to purchase another movement just like yours. This way
if yours stops working you have a replacement in the future.
Here is a link of helpful hints on how to remove the movement and how to measure the hand shaft length.
The threaded part is the most important since it has to fit through the clock dial.

If you have a mechanical movement let me know. There are a variety of hand nuts you can purchase for those movements.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady  

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