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QUESTION: I can't find a battery for a Crystal Legends Quartz clock.  I found these markings on the back: GAGER GU-168.  The battery appears to be short and stubby(not AA or AAA; the compartment is 1 1/4" long X 1/4" wide. Thank you for any information

ANSWER: Hi Is the battery missing or can you tell me what markings are on it?

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QUESTION: Thank you for the reply.  There was no battery with the clock; I bought it at a tag sale.  I can't find any other markings on the clock

It's probably an N size battery. They are 30.2 mm long and have a diameter of 12.0 mm.
Have a look here at the N size batteries.
They are much less common than AA or AAA but you can buy them at most grocery stores.


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