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QUESTION: I just acquired an Abel Cottey Grand Fathers clock No. 102 and I have it running great. My question is there are 2 cables (that's the best way I can describe them) that hang down on either side of the outside weights and have a small ring on the end. I haven't tried to pull either of them for fear off doing damage to the clock. Can you tell me what these cables do? I have attached a picture with the cables outlined. Thanks, Tim

ANSWER: Technically, those are chains. Cables are thin strands of wire wound together. The big difference in clocks is if it were cable you would wind the weights up with a key. To wind a chain driven clock you wind it by pulling one side of the chain downward. That causes the weight on the other side of the chain to rise.
Are there weights attached to two chain ends?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No there are no weights attached to them.  From what I can see is that they go up into the clock mechanism. They do not have links in them that's why I'm calling them cables.  am assuming that they might be there to turn the chimes on and off??? I marked the items in question in the picture with black boxes. Thanks again, Tim

I'm sorry, I thought you were asking about the chains. The cord (cable) with the ring on it is indeed for silencing the strike. When you pull down on it the hammers are pulled away from the chime rods so they won't strike. It looks like there is a thumb tack or similar object to hold the ring in the down (silence) position. It should be safe to pull the ring down and hook it onto that thumb tack.
Let me know if this does not explain things clearly enough.

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