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I went away on vacation for 2 weeks and when we came home the clock had stopped so we wound it and now it does not chime at all can you help me fix it. It has been deviced and we have been told that the mechanism needs to be replaced but i can not find one. Is their a replacement that i can get? any help will be appreciated.
1.   On the face of the clock is LeGant
2.   On the back of the case is Montgomery Ward, 9061, manufactured by: Piper Industries., Jackson, Mississippi
3.   After opening the clock, the first thing I saw was EK10-00

Chances are that the chimes were in the middle of a song when the weight reached the bottom. While the clock is old and it may be nearing the time for major service or replacement of the movement you might be able to get some more life out of it as is.
The chime side is the right side of the clock as you face it from the front. Be sure the heaviest weight is on that right side.
When a chime sequence starts the movement does not start lifting hammers until it gets a running start. Now that the chime is in the middle of a song it does not have the opportunity to get some inertia going because some hammers are in the state of being lifted. The trick at this point is to get the chime drum rolling again. If you can reach the hammers on the chime side you can pull them back and away from the chime rods. This may relieve some pressure and allow the gears to start rolling again.
If that does not work, move the minute hand backwards to the 12 at the top of the face and try moving the hammers again.
If the clock has not been serviced in the last two years you should oil it. We have a video on YouTube showing how to apply oil. You can see it here:

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