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Seth Thomas grandfather clock runs fine,but left and right weights do not unwind. The chimes feature is set to chime, but no sounds occur. Not sure of its function, but small 'paddle' inside is not moving. Any idea what to check? Thanks for any advice!

Hi Sally,
1) Be sure that the heaviest weight is on the right side as you face the front of the clock.
2) If you have some light weight oil put one drop on each end of the shaft of the fan where is goes through the clock plates (front and back).
3) Be sure that there is nothing keeping the hammers from pulling back and away from the chime rods.

After all of that you can give the movement a little help by pulling back the hammers away from the rods to see of the gears start turning. You can also carefully advance the fan by either flicking it with your fingers or applying light pressure to turn the gear that drives the fan. There is not a lot of power up near the fan so very light pressure is all that is needed. If the gear does not want to turn advance the minute hand to the next 1/4 hour and see if anything starts moving again.
Let me know how it goes,
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