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tempus fugit
tempus fugit  

tempus fugit
tempus fugit  
Please can you tell me how old this model is,and how much it would be worth if I was to sell it... I'm afraid Ionly have photo,as can't see make or model number.. Thank you lord wilbury d Byron..

I can't tell how old the clock is based on the information given. Tempus Fugit is not a brand of clock, it's a saying that has been put on clocks by a multitude of manufacturers for a long time. It appears to be a modern clock, probably made in the 1970's or 1980's. There might be some markings on the back of the movement that would indicate the year it was made. If you can provide me with those markings I'll try to help you further with that.
I don't do valuations or appraisals but can add that it is not a high end clock. The face is very plain and the appearance leads me to think the clock was mass produced. You are also missing the finial that should be at the top between the two decorative pieces.
If it were here in the states it would go for a few hundred dollars. I hope this information helps you.  

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