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Bought a small clock at an estate sale.  The clock part is round and fits in the front of a crystal base and seems to be the size described by others on your website - 1-7/8".  Can separate the base from the clock part but can't get the back open to see what size battery I need.  There is a small circle on the back with a groove in it, one way pointing to open and one to close, but I can't get it to do anything.  Am I better off just buying a whole new fitup, assuming they are available.  Your suggestions are appreciated.

I can't say for sure without seeing it but it sounds like the back cover screws off for battery replacement. I would guess you would put the side of a coin (nickel or dime) into that slot and turn it in the direction of "open" to take the cover off. The battery inside is probably a #377 or #356. The only way to tell is to get that cover off. If you get the cover off you can buy the battery online, Amazon sells them for less than $1.00 each. I have found packs of five at Dollar Stores too.
If you buy a complete new fit up it will need a battery in a year or two. Our back covers come off much more easily than that one but you will need batteries in the future.
The battery is a very common watch type and replacement is the same as with an inexpensive watch. You could take it to a jewelry store that does watch battery replacement but it could cost more than a new movement.
Let me know if you have more questions.
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