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Thank you in advance. I have this carriage clock with the above Westminster movement. Everything works great chime strikes the quarters 4 notes, 8 notes, 12 notes and sixteen on the hour. The problem is the quarter hour notes are playing incorrectly.  At fifteen past it should go in a 1,2,3,4 sequence. It is not. How do you fix this. I am sure it is easy, but I have failed so far.


Hermle 340-020
Hermle 340-020  
Hi Steve,
Just so I understand what 1,2,3,4 is. At fifteen past it should play the 4 notes from the highest pitched (shortest) rod straight down to the lowest.
If the notes are not playing the correct sequence advance the minute hand (stopping to let it chime on each quarter) until the clock completes a four or 12 note sequence (the first and third quarter chimes both end at the same point).
There are three gears on the back of the movement that drive the chime drum. The top and bottom gear are large, the middle one is smaller. That smaller gear in the middle is held on with an "E" clip. You can slide the E clip off by inserting a small screw driver blade into the clip and twisting. Be careful to not loose that clip, you will need to slide it back on when you are done. After sliding the clip off, pull that gear toward you so it no longer meshes with the gears of the two larger gears. Now you can turn the lower gear with your fingers to advance the chime sequence. The gear will only rotate one direction. Listen to the notes being played. When all four chime hammers run straight down from the highest note to the lowest slide that gear back in place. Before you put the clip back on,  turn the minute hand to each quarter and watch the hammers chime. Be sure that all the notes play properly and that no hammers are partially lifted at the end of each quarter.
If the sequence is not correct or a hammer is in a lifting position at the end of any quarter pull the gear away again and repeat the process. When you are satisfied with the results slide the E clip back on and you are done.
Let me know if this is not clear enough or you have any trouble getting the chime sequence in sync.
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