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I have a Howard Miller grandmother clock, with an Urgos movement.  It had not run in 20 plus years.  I have cleaned the movement without disassemble.  Every thing is working and keeping time but will not chime .  The chim movements will turn and chime by hand but the chime drive does not seem to drive or move after the levers click and release.  The chains are free and not hung up.  Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Lew,

What did you clean the movement with?
Many times there is a lot of dirt between the
pivot shoulder and the inside plate.
You need to get a stiff paint brush (not hairs)
with nylon bristles (fabric paint brushes are good) and clean the pivot holes and
inside the plates where the gears meet the plate.
If there is still dirt in there it may not have the
freedom for the gears to turn.
Did you oil the pivot holes after cleaning the movement?
Any fully synthetic oil even a 0-15w motor oil is good.
Only a drop of oil in each pivot hole.
Does the train move if you put pressure on the gears to
move the gears?
And the main question.... is there a silent lever that is on
silent rather than on chime?

If these don't help please contact me again and I'll
see if I can help you through email correspondence.

Hope this helps,

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