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I have a grandfather clock that has not worked for years and has been moved to different states several times. Yesterday, I moved it to a different part of the house, Found that the pendulum wasn't put on correctly and lo and behold it started working and is still working. My problem now is that the chimes and the hour weights don't move and work. I can advance the time and I hear a click, but nothing happens. I was using a small brush to try to clean it without any oil and it chimed the time but did not play a melody. I'm not sure if it needs to sync on its own or is there something that I can do to fix it. The right sided weight did move when it did that. The pendulum weight is moving down. I can't find anything on how to fix this. I read that there is a way to lower the weights but again, I can't get info on the release lever. Please give whatever advice you can. I was elated when it started working but would love if I could get it to strike the hour and chime.

Thank You,


Hi Doris, (That's my mom's name)

Of course a professional cleaning the clock is best....
Then check to see if there is a chime/silent switch that may be in the silent position.
And check to see if the heaviest weight is on the right, looking at the clock.
Second heaviest goes in the middle and lightest on the left.

The clock has been sitting for a long time. The old oil and dust in the oil is probably solidified.
You can look up a video on how to clean a clock to get an idea but you have the right idea.
I can't think of a solvent that would work off hand, I use an ultrasonic watch rinsing solution.
In the interim you can put a stiff bristled paint brush (like a fabric paint brush) in any ~ fully synthetic~ oil including 0-5w motor oil and try to get in where the gears meet the inside plates and get some of the dirt out of it.
Then put a drop of oil at the same place on every gear.
This may loosen up the dirt and let the clock run.
Let it run for a few months like that so the dirt can loosen up.

Then you can clean it with a contact cleaner to remove the dirt.
The contact cleaner dries quickly so it isn't a good solvent for hardened dirt.
But loosened dirt it dissolves.
Then oil your clock again.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady  

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