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Curt wrote at 2012-01-27 03:05:00
Hi Tom, I am a clock repairman from Memphis.  I owned a clock shop in town for many years purchasing it from my father in 1993 and closing it in 2005. I now work from home. My business was called the clock shop , however I also run another business we called Pearl Clock Service Center. Now where Pearl comes in.

We were a retailer that sold all major brands including Pearl. when Pearl went out of business around Oct of 1989 Jim Contacted me to see if I could assist in providing parts to his old customers when they contacted him. Every few weeks they would give me a list of names of people to contact that needed parts. Finally we , with Jim's blessing, put in a new line and advertised as Pearl Clock Service Center until about April of 2011. Pearl used mostly Hermle movements but in two clocks that    I know of the used Kieninger. One had a astrological dial and mother of Pearl onlay at the top of the case and the other was called the Elvis Clock and had a finial shaped like a crown which came from a fallen oak tree at the Graceland property.

Jim is now running a business called Pearl Mantles and imported  fireplace mantles. I believe they are not selling clocks at this time but the ones they sold as Pearl Mantles were imported battery operated battery clocks. Pearl clocks was not a large company as clock companies go but seemed to be making the best clocks of their history when they terminated business. Kemmons Wilson who I believe was an investor in Pearl wound up with a good bit of there inventory when they closed. The last I heard Champs clock shop in Douglassville , Ga. Still had some of their NOS . Hope you find this interesting


Mark McKeown wrote at 2012-12-01 13:59:03
I own one of these Pearl "Elvis" Graceland Clocks of which you speak.  I would be interested in knowing the value of it as well. I found an article that stated only 6000 were made.

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