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mike wrote at 2007-02-03 07:28:29
I look extremely similar to him. I am almost positive that we have similar ethnic backgrounds, with strong Irish and Italian roots. I do not have any Spanish or Hispanic blood, but rather a mix of English, Italian, Irish, and German. Also, I have a very small portion of Native American.

J wrote at 2007-05-28 02:43:44
Hi I was the orginal poster that  is close to George Clooney in looks and of italian and spanish heritage. I know for a fact that according to George he has not Italian heritage. So , as you suspected somewhere back his mother has some spanish lineage. He actually appears and looks very spanish versus and italian mix, just as I favor more of a spanish look versus my italian heritage.  

jdizzle wrote at 2007-06-15 04:44:18
From my understanding, and clooney is from irish and armenian descent..he is not italian or hispanic...there could be other ethnicities in there..but the two most common ones that kept coming up were irish and armenian(hence t he dark features and strong brows)

Edward wrote at 2007-08-28 05:09:57
So deflate you J Dizzle he is not of any armenian background. His father is Irish..his mom has some strong english, german and spanish I think the orginal person was correct when he said of Irish and some spanish. Furthermore, he had mentioned that on a television show awhile ago.

Add to that, if you are considered black irish"(denoting dark or black hair with dark or blue eyes) this was from the spanish armada ships that shipwrecked in Ireland...also the trade with Spain. City of Gallway Ireland actually has monuments there talking about that.

mary frances wrote at 2007-12-16 06:59:54
George Clooney is primarily Irish with some distant German heritage. He is not Spanish, Italian or Armenian. It is possible for Irish people to be that dark, sometimes they are referred to as Black Irish. Take a look at Colin Farrell for example. Would you say that he is not a full blooded Irish man just because he is darker. Go to Ireland, especially the west coast and you will find many people with dark brown to black hair and brown or blue eyes. It is possible for people who are not of Mediterranean descent to be darker. I am full Irish and have dark brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin.

elvisp wrote at 2008-05-07 00:22:36
George Clooney is Irish, and Italian. His Aunt, his mother's sster is Rosemary Clooney, who was 100 percent Italian.  Thank you.

elvisp wrote at 2008-05-07 00:22:36
George Clooney is Irish, and Italian. His Aunt, his mother's sster is Rosemary Clooney, who was 100 percent Italian.  Thank you.

george clooney wrote at 2008-07-19 02:59:41
do you use you mom's last name? dumbass!

his dad's name is clooney.

his dad's sister's name is rosemary clooney.

what is his background?

100% pimp

D_JA wrote at 2008-09-14 17:38:02
Rosemary is 0% italian your 100% wrong !!!

She was born in Augusta, Kentucky, about 60 miles up the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio to Andrew Joseph Clooney and Frances Marie Guilfoyle, both of whom were of Irish descent (Rosemary's paternal great-grandparents, Nicholas Clooney and Bridget Byron, were born in Ireland), although Clooney's paternal grandmother, Crescentia Koch, was German.

J wrote at 2009-05-18 07:05:34
To Mary Frances answer. ALthough you have some correct information , some of it is totally off. First of all Black Irish had to do with the Spanish ships and decendants of those shipwrecked from the Armada..the black dentoes the hair. You will find many irish people with the name like Martin...which is a very spanish name..MARTIN. Black irish are those that look mediterranean and their lineage is mixed with peoples from Spain. Check into information on Galway.

As far as George..sure he is of irish and has some german but also spanish descent..pretty obvious. He looks as much Spanish as he does Irish. I know these things ..dont ask how cause then you will argue that you dont believe me/.just trust me I know.

And agree to the last poster..Rosemay Clooney was George's fathers sister..hello! Thats a crack up that someone thought Rosemary Clooney was Italian!

ARB wrote at 2009-06-12 21:52:43
Oh people please read - Check Internet for "clooney origin name". Also, being Irish & a great fan of Discovery Channel - Many people believe the spanish armada story but alas untrue. Most drowned and those that did make it ashore were killed by those barbarian Celts!(I use barbarian because it's true meaning is

Berber (north African). Galway, I read here - yes, north African pirates used to raid the coast of Ireland back in 14-1500's. Famous - look it up. Irish pirate converts to Islam becomes terror of the Irish coast! Other links, town in Ireland - Medina (Arabic) - this is your link to Spain! Spain was Muslim under north African control! and then came ferdinand, isabella and some upstart called Columbus at Alhambra, Andalus.(Arabic names) - now, to divorce Islam from catholism - the story of the armada. Why did the Celts kill the sailors - keep the English out and avoid accusations of alliances with the enemy, simple enough!

Giant Eon wrote at 2009-10-06 14:16:45
The true meaning of 'barbarian' was coined by the Ancient Greeks who used it to decribe any foreign person who did not speak Greek, but simple uttered sounds like 'bar-bar'... Get your facts right!!

mrsb wrote at 2009-11-03 12:33:20
I am of irish descent and have inherited B-thalassaemia minor (origin - mediterranean)so a few spanish must have got ashore!

Irishgirl wrote at 2010-01-18 02:20:00
The one consistently Irish trait is blue eyes. Most Irish have brown hair and blue eyes, historically. A famous study was done in 1940. I think George has blue eyes, so aside from his tan skin, he looks Irish. Colin farrells mother is not of Irish decent, that's why he has dark skin and brown eyes.

Heaney wrote at 2010-02-16 15:07:45
The story about the west coast Irish descending from the Spanish Armada is total nonsense as they were soon expelled by the British army.

It goes much, much further back to when the Gaels invaded Ireland. They were said to have come from Iberia (Galicia in Spain and northern Portugal). Legends say they were previously from Egypt. A recent DNA study showed the west coast Irish are a very near match to the Basque people of northern Spain and southern France.

The reason these people are particularly found in the west of Ireland is that they were forced off there lands into the west after Oliver Cromwell's invasion of Ireland in the seventeenth century.

Gael Girl wrote at 2010-08-20 19:46:24
If you knew anything about the Irish (most people have no clue) you would know that our roots go way back to middle east.(Scota daughter of Pharao in Egypt)  The refugees of the Spanish Armada also remained there after fleeing from the English. Hence the term"Dark Irish". Most people stereotype the Irish into a certain look. Not true. But the Eyes have it!

josh wrote at 2011-08-19 04:15:56
Well, way back the Phoenicians landed in Ireland and probably contributed in many ways to the Emerald Island. They were Mediterranean people.

BREANDAN wrote at 2011-10-16 13:13:49
Hmmm, here's a little secret .... look up the mysterious people known as the Tuatha De Danann who were among the first in Ireland ... some of them are still alive today ... and still connected the the great Universe from whence we all originate .... This is why some of great spiritual Leaders in Asia refer to Ireland as the WORLDS HEART CHAKRA ... go'on, have a google :)

Gavin Harrison wrote at 2012-06-01 09:24:37
George Clooney is mainly of Irish descent on both sides of the family. If some of you American idiots would get a passport, you may figure out that not all Irish people conform to your stereotype of them.

George Clooney has no Italian, Spanish, Armenian or German links. Where does this crap come from?

Dempsey wrote at 2012-06-18 02:45:38
The west coast of Ireland was invaded by the Spanish @ Spanish point. Hence the mixing of the blood resulted in the black Irish.

The name Clooney is Irish!

tommyCat wrote at 2013-01-29 23:26:04
George Clooney is an "Italian Wanna-Be"..................(Italian's are much more handsome by the way, than the Spainish!)

Lisso wrote at 2014-05-04 16:18:50
Mr. Clooney might not be aware of what exactly his heritage is going back hundreds of years; many people don't.  It is fascinating to see people take a skip-back quite a few generations and resemble their more remote ancestors.

Also, sometimes there is a "little family secret" in people's background that they either know or don't know about, and they are not descended from whom they think; for example, one of the female ancestors could have been raped or had a dalliance with someone other than the husband and the blood line now has genes from some other person.  Sometimes there was an adoption way back and that person's descendants today don't know it.

I have always believed that Clooney is of Spanish ancestry, or perhaps Italian, although, as one previous poster commented, he looks more Spanish than Italian.  However, it could be the Armenian ancestry that accounts for his look.

In addition to Clooney, I always thought that his aunt, the late singer Rosemary Clooney, had Spanish ancestry.  Her face and bone structure resembled that of the late actress Rita Hayworth, who was half Spanish.

While it's interesting to discover ancestries, and genealogy is now a popular pastime for many people, in the end, we are what we are, including one big ancestral mystery.

t_clunie wrote at 2014-07-21 19:44:45
to all who have said hes of Irish and/or Scottish decent you are right. my family crest goes back to 1214 and earlier. he was born in Lexington,Kentucky i thought either way the location isn't that far apart. I'm Greek, Irish, German/Scot and Cherokee. It doesn't matter who in his family is made of what but it all comes down to him being part of my family so thank you guys for helping me figure this out. If someone could help me get in contact with him it would mean a great deal to me...i do not want anything from him or the rest of the family but just to know if i'm really his second cousin 3 times removed and that to know rosemary was my great aunt (or great great aunt...I don't really know how that all goes). I would just like closer.

my name is Todd Clunie.

t_clunie wrote at 2014-07-21 19:51:14

this is useful information for you guys

Clooney, George

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