B1 has PIC 9(02)
I am getting a S0CA Abend while

 Compute B1=
         100 - B1

The Working storage is like
01  A PIC v999
01  B Redefines A
  02 B1 PIC 9(02)
  02 B2 PIC 9(01)

the value of B1 when abend has occoured is 05

Cant understand why thishas occoured please explain and preventive measures, Quick response is deeply Appreciated.

The S0CA is Decimal Overflow Exception. While the implied data definition would indicate this should not occur, I am not sure what your specific compiler generates for code.  If you define the result larger such as "S95-result PIC S9(5)" and then move S95-result to B1, it should prevent it and will truncate the result data to fit 9(2) data.

Did you verify the contents of B1 in memory dump as being '05'?



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