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Cockatiels/Need to split up a pair


I took in a 5 yr old male cockatiel earlier this year.
I eventually put him with an 8 yr old female I adopted last year.
Our birds always get a few hours free flight everyday.

She is friendly, tame & quiet. He is not.
He sits near her constantly chirping loudly all day.

I have many rescue bunnies, etc to care for & the noise is getting on my nerves, probably the rabbits too!

How long would they take to forget about each other if I adopt out the male? I don't want her to go as she was my first & always used to sit on me, etc before the male showed up.


Hello !. sorry for the late reply, i thought i sent an answer to you but apparently they re-emailed it to me.
Good question. After analysing your problem here is the proposed solution:
Birds get strongly attached to each other especially if they were of different genders and therefore it might affect your female and make her quiet annoyed/depressed. To prevent that if u really have to adopt out the male then place a mirror or two in her cage, make sure she has a spacious cage, place ladders in such a way that she will have to climb them to reach the food, place some ropes neatly and new toys. Each of the toys i mentioned above is of crucial importance and has a secret that lies behind it that i identified. The mirrors keep your bird unlonley, the ladder keeps yoour bird excersised in case it becomes depressed , the new toys keeps your bird active and happy and one more thing you can do it play daily songs of cockatiels singing or at least for the first week or 2 that you can find on youtube or on my youtube channel named "Parrot Whisperer".

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