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Cockatiels/Cocktails Not Breeding.



Good day to you.

I have 11 pairs of cocktails out of which few are facing problems, which are as under:

1- One pair is around 2 years old. Male is Charcaol and female is Pearl. They were breeding 2-3 chicks regularly for the past 2 years. For the last 6 months they have not bred so far.

2- I bought 2 pairs of young age 6 months ago... one of the female is around 2 years old... already bred twice. These pairs have not bred so far.

3- One of the pair is breeding 3-4 eggs in one time. Male is Pied and Female is Yellow. Female had an eye infection since birth for which we treated her with eye drops. She is obliquate by birth as well. This pair lays eggs but they cannot get chicks from it.

4- One of my Cocktail -Female (3-4 months) has an eye infections (Syst / Pimple) on her eye. She is suffering it since past 2 months. I use Tobramycin - Eye Drop initially but nothing fruitful. Afterwords one of my friend who is experienced with cocktails more than advise me to spray Rose Water in her eye. It just clears the eye but the infection is still there. Sometimes her eye even gets close due to this.

Need your advise on above. I shall be grateful to you.



ANSWER: Hi there , good day
Okay so it seems that your cockatiels are facing diverse problems and here are the reasons and methods to deal with it. These are the answers to each of ur questions
1- your cockatiels might not be breeding because they stop after a certain amount of times after they breed and therefore to encourage them to breed, offer a lot of egg food from stores, boiled egg, shower them regularly, and don't change their cages or nests as that might make them angry. Also offer them cuttlebones and nutrition.

2-two pairs might not get along. Each male likes a certain personality and gets attached to it for instance my  pied cockatiel only likes grey females and therefore will only breed with her but now he has stopped.

3-eye infection can be the reason and also some females and males are given medicine when they are your to prevent breeding. Breeders sadly do that to earn money.

4-continue applying both rose water and the medicine above. Also make sure you don't spray it water. Remove any sharp toys and keep the birds in a high place away from any dust particles which stimulates the eye infection. Also ensure that you take it to the vet and see what the vet offers. There are eye drops that you can purchase which improves the eye infection and gets rid of it.
Kindly checkout my youtube channel named "Parrot Whisperer " which will help u a lot and like my fb page named bird tameness where many similar as are asked.

Expert hani

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Eye Infection
Eye Infection  

Thanks for your reply.

1- Attached pics of 2 pairs for your kind perusal. Need your suggestion on this to get them breed asap. One of Fawn male whistles alot since he is with me. They are with me for the past 6 months. The female on the pot is around 2 years old. (She was the one who have bred 2 thrice with 3-4 eggs but only 1 chick came out which afterwards died or is abnormal)

2- Sending you the pics of a cocktails with infected eye. I tried another eye drop which has worked and his eye has atleast opened. Its called FML-N. I am putting one drop in her eye after every 6 hours. Please advise

3- Also note that most of the chicks are very weak when they came out of the box/pot. Please advise me the best diet for the cocktails when they are on Hatching and when they are on breeding. In Pakistan, we do not have nutritional supplements available for the birds. Please advise what should I do if such supplements are not available.

4- Do you have expertise for Love Birds and Parakeets??? I visited your FB page where I saw so many different birds, so I asked you for this.

Awaiting your prompt reply in this regard.



ANSWER: Good day,
I'm very sorry for my late reply , i have been very busy lately.
Im glad that the eye drop has started to work but from the pictures i see that this is very serious. I really recommend taking that bird to a vet as the eye is completley closed which shows that the situation is far from normal. Continue with the eye drops and take her to a vet/

As for the chicks, i recommend giving them food through the syringe. Its a type of tube that gives food to the bird which contains all the supplements required. The brand "Hartz" is great and it is not very expensive. If you ask any shop  or vet about the tube or syringe for the babies they would know what you are talking about and that is highle recommended as the mother might not feed them.

Also supply the mother wit boiled egg. It is full of calcium that the mother needs greatly during breeding season otherwise her eggs might not hatch or she might die. Boil some egg and then crack the shell of the egg by placing the shell in the microwave and then grind it to small pieces and mix it with the boiled egg. cut it into small pieces and mix it with normal food. It is awesome calcium for the bird and will keep your birds healthy.

I do own budgiesthat you saw on facebook (some of them) and i am going to adopt a love bird very soon and i have a lot of experience with many parakeets.

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Thanks for the reply. You forgot to answer my first question which was

1- Attached pics of 2 pairs for your kind perusal. Need your suggestion on this to get them breed asap. One of Fawn male whistles alot since he is with me. They are with me for the past 6 months. The female on the pot is around 2 years old. (She was the one who have bred 2 thrice with 3-4 eggs but only 1 chick came out which afterwards died or is abnormal)

by wit boiled eggs you mean "Hard boiled Egg"??? Right???

I have to give them a pieces of egg shell mixed with their normal food. Please clarify. This is breeding season and I have four pairs which are not breeding. They all very healthy but I dont know why they are not mating.




1- As for the female their are many reasons to explain this:
first a strong reason is that her chick was abnormal and so she lacked calcium and felt that she does not want to breed anymore.
second, she might not want to breed anymore because of different reasons such as not willing to breed with the male.
third, she might not be recieveing the adequate enviroment.

That is , dont change the place of the nest/pot but try to make the cage bigger. Place the female and her mate ALONE in the cage so that the chances of bredding increases. When my cockatiels started breeding i placed the pair alone and they breeded even more but then they stopped and did lay eggs. This might be the reason of the female changing her  kind. because i offered her calcium, cottle bones, fruits , veggies and even appropriate space and sunlight. Offer them indirect sunlight like on a quarter of the cage, shower them more often like twice a week and place the pair alone. This will increase the chances of them re-breeding. Dont move around things a lot in the cage and place them somehwere where there are no people. It will increase the chances again

as for the boiled egg it is hard boiled egg and yes you mix the shells with the food after cooking the egg and you cut the egg itself to small pieces and mix it. MAKE SURE you change it after 2-3 hours.



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