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Cockatiels/cockatiel noise level


I'm thinking of getting a cockatiel but I'm worried it'll make to much noise. Do cockatiels make much noise, if so how can I prevent that?

Hi there, im Hani a young professional in major bird species especially cockatiel. Im glad you asked such an essential question about cockatiel. Cockatiels in general are smallest parrot species. They have small screams but are not too loud. If you teach them to sing by repeating a song on an electronic device . They indeed will learn to sing. Now if you  are really looking for a cockatiel with completley very low noise level then go for females. Females generally do not whistle however some do tend to be excellent whistlers and have some slightly loud screams at times of the day. From my personal experience , i have identified the secret to knowing bird personalities. Its all about color ;in other words, color tells personality.
-yellow colored females---do whistle and are the loudest.
-grey females---don't whistle AT ALL except if they fly.
-pied cockatiel-males----brilliant whistlers but not too loud
-pied females---whistles but not too much depending on bird personality
-albino white cockatiel---depends on personality but usually not too loud unless they hear other cockatiel calling them.
-lutino cockatiel males--great whistlers but not too loud.

Now its your choice. If you  really want a quiet bird then get a female grey cockatiel and if you really want a bird that can learn  jingle bells get  pied or a lutino male. Remember some birds have different personalities and therefore you must be careful how to choose.
Hope this helps and tell me ur results

Expert hani hallal- bird tameness facebook page


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