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Hi. We adopted a yellow (around 8/9 years old) male cockatiel about a year and a half ago. He didn't used to be let out of his cage,so at first was hesitant to allow us to pet him,etc. Over time, he's become a lot more social- though he doesn't allow us to stroke him, he is hand trained and loves coming out and perching on our heads, etc. We live in an apartment with fairly thin walls however, and his excessive screeching was getting to us. We have a cat, so the bird can not be out all the time- it's not fair to the cat to be locked in the bedroom all the time. I looked for a female mate, in case that he was lonely when we were gone. Unfortunately, the cute grey 'female' I brought home has matured into most definitely a male. Now, we have two very loud cockatiels. I'm not sure if they get a long as well as they could- they do have short screeching matches at times, but seem to have figured out the pecking order. I have two food bowls in the cage and tons of toys, to limit competition. Now, the yellow bird does seem a bit quieter, but the younger male has found out how amazing his voice sounds, and won't stop. They will be quiet for a few minutes, and then the grey one will start singing/screeching/yelling/chirping over and over. I know this is normal bird behavior, but I'm afraid our apartment will eventually evict us (we already are not their favorite people due to other issues) and I'm a vet med student who needs some quiet in order to study. Is there anything you suggest that I'm missing? I'm aware rehomeing them is the smartest option (since we don't have a second 'bird'room), but before doing that, I wanted to exhaust all options.
Thanks for any information!

Hi there !, good day
Thanks for your question. I myself own 4 cockatiels , 2 budgies , 1 cockatoo and 2 canaries and i live in an apartment and yes they can be loud!. Now, as for the cockatiels yes they tend to be very loud due to many different reasons such as they might hear a screeching voice that sounds like a bird voice causing them to call over back to it by shouting loudly, when they are limited on food they start shouting, when they want to go out they start shouting and when they Want to grab attention they shout too. Cockatiels shout only when they want somthing that is they usually do these loud-pitched voices when they want somthing from you. Sometimes its food, freedom, other whistle voices, television or other causes. Try fulfilling their needs; in other words, try the following above likely causes and see how it decreases their likelihood of shouting excessively.Try increasing the food and freedom. Another way is to shower them on a regular basis which makes them fluffy and they ALWAYS sleep after it. It is very healthy for them , decreases dust powder and is well for their health and plumage.Shower them once a week with a warm bottled water spray or with what i personally use and recomment the "jungle shower" which you can research and is perfect for glossy feathers. This makes them sleepy and tired. Moreover, another VERY possible way to decrease shouting and shrieking is by placing them outside in the outer fresh air in a balcony if its 35 degrees or below. If its above that you can place them for only a few hours and you will see how happy they will be and shout outside and use all their energy before going indoors !.A combination of all of these solutions i proposed will indeed make a huge difference to the sound level.

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