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Cocker Spaniels/2.5 year old cocker urinates in morning


Hi, on about 1-3 mornings a week my cocker doesn't seem able to hold his urine. He is let out with our male golden retriever at 11pm and I come down between 6.30-7am every morning and let them out again. If I don't come downstairs immediately i wake and he hears me moving around he will have pee'd. I have to get out of bed, come down, open the back door and say 'get busy'. He is always bonkers excited, almost hysterical when he sees me . Sometimes he'll cock his leg outside, come in and within 20 mins has pee'd! I try to make sure he goes in the garden twice but even then he can still pee indoors.  I have had him since 10 weeks old and this problem has been with us for 2 years. The 'get busy' command with a treat has helped from peeing inside every morning to just 1-2 mornings but it still happens. Is this 'excitement pee' going to last forever?

Anytime there's a urinating problem I immediately want to test for a UTI.  However,
in this instance I'm thinking anxiety.

At night, start going out with him and giving your command & treat.
Make sure he's gone.

And I take it both dogs sleep downstairs?  Is there any reason they can't sleep in your room?
Would you be willing to try that just as an experiment?

This only happens in the morning when he hasn't seen you in a long time and you don't say it happens any other time and he's "almost hysterical" when you appear.  This is anxiety.
Sleeping in the same room "with his pack" may calm him.

I have one boy who's the same.  The other one sleeps happily in his bed in the kitchen but even my favorite, very strict trainer advised me to let Oliver sleep in my room.  So I'd definitely try this and if that doesn't help, we can continue on.

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