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I have a wonderful 8yr old Male American Cocker Spaniel who has had a problem for about a year now intermittently but is becoming worse.  When I am cooking or eating food or just having a pop tart, He will poop on the floor and start drooling.  I feed him 3 cups of Taste of the Wild dry dog food a day but he seems like he is obsessed with people food.  We rarely ever give him any people food.  He is a large cocker.  He is about 50 pounds and stands about 2 feet tall. He is a big boy who is very lovable but this problem is driving us nuts. Sometimes he has even been taken out and has went poop outside.  Any help will be so appreciated!  Thank you, BTW He will eat almost anything, like paper towels, socks, hair bands, and even plastic packaging.  Thanks again!

When do you feed him?  How often?  Is his weight good?  How much exercise does he get daily and when does he get it?

And can you explain "sometimes he has even been taken out and has pooped outside"?  

I'd also like a precise description of his behavior when you start cooking or eating.
Right now I'm thinking a good distraction might help like a Kong with some peanut butter inside it...but let's discuss my questions first.

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