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my 4 legged boy child
my 4 legged boy child  
My husband and I rescued an American Cocker (1 yr old) in August.  On several occasions he has bitten family members.  He goes after my kids feet.  This does not happen often.  We are not going to give up on him.  We suspect he my have been teased, abused, neglected and/or kicked by his previous owners & their six kids.  He got me tonight on the finger as I was petting him.  I have never owned a dog but my husband has.  I'd like to remain a dog owner and I want to "fix" what may be "broken" in this poor little guy.  He was neutered a few weeks ago.  I was hoping that might take some of the fire out of him.  I hope you can help us.  I love this guy.

He's a cutie, Marie.  Yes, I can help.  But first I have some questions.

Exactly when does this happen?  You said tonight you were petting him and he nipped your finger.  Where were you?  On the couch?  Floor?  Describe the situation as precisely as you can.  Did he growl?  Who else was there?  What did you do when he nipped?  Did he nip or actually bite (draw blood)?

As to the "going after the kid's feet"...that's an easy one.  This is a game to him.  He's still a baby so that's a simple training issue.  How many kids?  Ages? (How old they are depends on how to handle this).

And if you can give me a general description of his temperment...with people..guests..other  Is he a happy boy?  Anxious?  How well trained is he..what commands does he know?

This is all fixable, Marie.  I just need the clue as to what he "thinks" he's doing.  

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