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My 3 year old chocolate male cocker(Cinnamon) suffers from allergies. The vet said that he has both food allergies,animal protein, and seasonal allergies. His allergies affect his ears, inner ear (head shaking).
I have changed his food so many times. Before I knew he had allergies, I fed him chicken, then beef. I tried raw venison. The vet prescribed Hills Prescription Diet ZD. He still suffered with infections and scratching. Then I tried Iams ocean fish, the worst
reaction. Next was kangaroo. This seemed to work. I started him on kangeroo last January. I know it takes 3 months to see if a dog is allergic to a food. He loved it, but then I noticed in March, he started scratching; however, we in Delaware had a warm winter last year as well as an early spring. My day lilies were growing last March.

Right now he is on a combination of Synotic and Baytril and had 4 Depo injections last year. Please help if you can!

Deidre, you say he's 3 years old and I'd like to know when this all began?

Also - have you tried an antihistimine trial?

How exactly did your vet diagnose this?  How often are you bathing and with what?  What antibiotic was he on, what dosage, and for how long?

A common mistake family vets make is to not give enough antibiotic and not to give it for long enough.  So things calm down, look good, but in a month or so it's all back.

If this all began in his 3rd year, the very first thing a vet Dermatologist would do is test his thyroid.  Just a simple blood draw so no big deal for Cinnamon but hypothyroidism is very common in cockers and can cause all of this.

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