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see they get along great sometimes
see they get along gre  
hi i have an 11 month american cocker spaniel and i do love him so much but recently he has been very aggressive this has gone on for aboit 2 to 3 months. generally i think its jealousy we have a german shepard mix and a cat they all play together fine sometimes. he shows aggressive behavior when my german shepard barks or runs around and he takes all of her toys away basically the german shepard cannot play or move almost at all when hes aroumd. or we have two seperate beds for them and he just wants to be where the german shepard is sleeping he wants her to sleep on the floor. and by the way aggressive behavior toward the shepard is he bites her legs and her neck not tovthe point to puncture but she does cry. moving on to the cat, if.he sees any of us in the house giving love to the cat as soon as the cat walks by him he will attack as if he were to kill her it os very scary and we pull him off of her and he then tries to attack us!! or if we order him in hos crate he will obey but when you get near the crate to close it he will lung at you to try to bite, or order him to get off the sofa etc. he will growl and if you get near he will go to bite you. so i set up and appointment to have him neutered next week and also an obedience class at petco and its a private class. do you think that will help because sometimes i feel the only option is to put him down because i am so scared of him most of.the time and well i cant re home him because he is also aggressive towards people and i have always sociolized him i dont understand what happened please five me any sort of.advice

Okay..try and keep calm. :)   There are two things I'd like you to do.  First, is keep a lightweight, short leash on him so you can grab it and stop any of this nonsense immediately.

You can also put him on a "waist leash" in the house for a time every day or when he gets too rambunctious.   Where you go, he goes
with no chatting.  The leash is a powerful tool.

Second, get a spray plastic water bottle.  Fill it with tepid water...put it on "spray/mist" not a hard stream of water.
The moment he starts say NO..and spray him right in the face.  No chatting - yelling - scolding.

He's 11 months and is auditioning for the "top dog" position.  Part of the problem is there are no repercussions for his behavior.  With dogs it has to be "You do THAT and THIS happens" in a calm but authoritative way.

You mention he's also aggressive with people.  Can you describe this for me.  Has he ever actually bitten?  And how much exercise does he get daily?

I'd also like you to try ordering him in his crate but not closing the door.  If he comes out...order him back in.  I want to know what happens.

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