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Delores, Ok I did what you said and sat in front of her and pet her while she ate and did the eye contact and stern no, after a time or too that worked. Now she growls when you pet and talk to her so I tried the scruff and stare and big mistake ,bad growl and bite. Help!  Also when she is biting and mouthing, I try and get down to her level to say no and look into here eyes, it is so hard because she wont look at me, just really wild and aggresive.Any help would be great.

Are you saying you grabbed her by the neck?  Yes, that would be a big mistake.

Okay...there's a clue here somewhere and unfortunately I can't just pop over and watch her.
So..let's try confining her (laundry room - kitchen - bathroom) with her food.  Shut the door and don't open it until she lets you know she wants out.  Then shut door so dish is unavailable.

The odd dog is just weird about their eating time so let's see if that's the case here.

If not, we'll proceed with another type of correction.  

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