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Our beautiful chocolate cocker spaniel will be 16 this year. he still acts and plays like a puppy. but, he goes to bathroom where ever and whenever he wants now. it is getting exhausting to keep up with him. even after taking him out several times a day. what can we do? our house is soiled and has a constant odor because of it too.

please advise?

At his age it's highly probable he has a weak bladder.  There is a medication for this so please talk to your vet.  No expensive testing necessary - just a pill am and pm.

Also possible he has a UTI and I'd rule that out first.  But he definitely needs a vet visit.

You're extremely lucky he's still happy & basically healthy at this age so do get him checked out.  The med for a weak bladder actually "works" the bladder muscles and with one of my own old boys I found after a few months I could cut down.

If your vet isn't familiar with the med - write me and i'll send info but I'm sure they'll know.

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