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QUESTION: My dog Tess was on ketoconozole for 2 wks but had to stop due to allergy to different medicine.  She is now beginning a new course of ketoconozole, along with temaril-P and simplicif.  What food should I now be giving her....she is on Natural Balance Organic chicken and treats which have sweet potatoes.  My vet didn't say anything about a low carb diet.  I read an earlier post where you indicated this was important. Would frozen raw chicken be good or canned food. Also what type of probiotic should I be giving her.? Thank you for your help.

ANSWER: Hi margaret,
If she's having chronic yeast infections I'd stay away from Sweet Potato and any food with grains in it.

Is this a skin infection?  If so, did your vet give you medicated shampoo?  Topical approaches are very important in addition to meds.
 If it's chronic, have you tried antihistimine therapy?

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QUESTION: Tess' infection is on her neck. I've got a shampoo from the vet which contains chlorhexidine.  I have one I bought which contains teatree oil and aloe.  

There is antihistamine in the temeril-P but I could also give her benedryl.

What type of probiotic would be good.

ANSWER: Okay, do NOT give another antihistimine until she's finished the Temeril.

How often are you bathing her neck?  I'd like you to try a half water/half plain white vinegar compress on her neck as often as you can.  Vinegar kills yeast. After her bath you can also do a final rinse with same.  Acidic acid (vinegar) makes it hard for yeast to survive.

I'd use a probiotic that's refrigerated - Health Food Stores have the best selection.

Is this unusual for Tess or is it chronic?

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your help.
I've been bathing Tess 2x a week with the chlorhexidine shampoo.  I will follow it with a vinegar rinse.  
Tess is 7 and this condition resulted from a wound caused by an E-collar used to protect  a cut on her foot. (and the steroid/antibiotic) given her.

What type of canned food do you recommend?

Oh dear...poor Tess!  Hopefully this will clear up with the meds and homecare.  I find it odd this resulted in a yeast infection and not bacterial but I'm sure your vet did the proper cytology.  Which means he/she should have taken a skin sample using tape or a light skin scrape - gone away for a few minutes - and came back to tell you whether yeast or bacteria.
Hopefully that was done.  If it wasn't - you need a new vet.

If the would has basically healed and not open, and now you're just dealing with a yeast infection, go ahead and use the vinegar.  Put a teensy bit on first to make sure it won't shouldn't but better safe than sorry.

For food advice I'm going to send you to "".  Just click on their top canned foods and look for no grains, no sweet potato.  Really good site with excellent food analysis.
That way you'll have a few choices that'll be available where you live.

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