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Hi, back in November 2012 we adopted a male cocker spaniel. He was already house trained and neutered. I have no information on his history. According to the vet, they estimate his age at between 2-3 years old (according to his teeth). He has free reign of the house when we arent home. He never has any accidents. I had to train him to stay off my bed because he was gnawing holes in my cover. We feed him Purina Dog Chow in the green bag or Purina One. Recently he has started vomiting a few times a week...its clear and frothy with no solid substance whatsoever...What could be causing this? We have a salt water pool that he sometimes leans over the side and drinks from..could this be the culprit? It's irritating not knowing more about his background..he is so loving I can't imagine anyone not wanting him or not looking for him. Thanks in advance for any information.

Hi Gigi...drinking from a saltwater pool could most definitely be your problem.  Try putting a nice big water bowl out there to discourage that.

Purina is the bottom of the nutritional barrel so I'd definitely suggest a better food.  And to use both kibble and canned.  Happy to give you a list if you want.

When he throws up - what time of day is it?  If it's first thing in the morning, give him a small bedtime snack.  Some dogs will toss up some bile if their tummy is empty too long.
Hopefully you're feeding him at least twice a day?

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