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We are going to look at a Cocker but is the last one left in the litter.  So nothing to compare to as far as playfulness.
What should we look for in the mother & dad?

Hi Gayle,
Are you buying for a family pet or to show?

Assuming it's for a pet - temperment is THE first thing to look at in Mom & Dad.  Are they both calm, friendly, unafraid of strangers, allow you to touch them anywhere.  Ask the breeder about it.  This is the main thing you need to know.

Let the puppy come to you - roll him (gently) over after petting and lightly hold him down with a hand on his tummy (like it's play).  How does he react?  Most puppies will just happily wiggle around. Is the puppy friendly & curious?

Look carefully at his eyes. (And Mom & Dad)  Are they "tight" - no saggy lower lid.  A good breeder will have had them CERF tested.  Ask.  The breeder should provide you with health certificates.

Look at the breeder's accomodations - is it clean, pleasant, safe.  Do Mom & Dad look extremely well cared for?  Are they well groomed?  

If there's anything else...just write...and when you get him home and have any issues, just don't hesitate to write.  Happy to advise on diet, training, etc.

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