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Hello-- My 12 year old female cocker spaniel was diagnosed with Kidney disease about a month ago-- She is doing great- we have changed our food , she eats, is peppy and still as talkative as ever-- but today she has started straining and watery/gel like substance with blood is coming out-- We did go on a long walk yesterday- so not sure is she ate something.  Do you have any suggestions-- Or is it your opinion to bring her back to the vet.

Kim...first..are you talking about urine or her anus?  If there's blood in her stool, you will need an antibiotic.  Stop feeding her for 8 to 12 hours.  Keep water on hand, of course.
Personally if I see blood in feces, I'd advise an immediate vet visit.

I'd like to know just how she was diagnosed with kidney disease.  What tests were done?
Do you have copies of the results?

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