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Cocker Spaniels/10 1/2 year old male cocker aggressive/peeing everywhere


My male cocker spaniel was a gift to me at 8 weeks old, never neutered because ex was going to breed him.  He is now 10 1/2 years old.  Over the last 3 years he has gone downhill in my opinion and I am at a loss on what to do with him.  I have a 8 year old son that was bit by a dog at 2 and am scared my cocker spaniel is too aggressive.  Medical history includes, bad teeth that give him horrible breath and no matter how much I kept up with them they got bad, he has two fatty cysts on his sides that are identical in position, at first I thought maybe kidneys, but vet aspirated them and they are fatty cysts, he is consistently growling and shaking if people come over and aggressive with children under the age of 2, he does not like other animals but the German Shepard he has grown up with, he has has seizures over the last year, if I let him out of my dining room area, he urinates everywhere all over the house, he is chewing through gates.  I am at a lost for what to do. I know he is getting really old and he is not active anymore.

Hi Penny,
I'd like to know what your vet says.  Bad teeth are painful and he undoubtedly needs a dental cleaning.

Shaking is a sign of pain and too much urinating is a clear sign of a urinary tract infection.
Has your vet done a urinalysis?  Has he been tested for epilepsy?  What does your vet attribute the seizures to?

10 is definitely a senior boy but it sounds to me like he needs a total Wellness check.

There are ways to handle his behavior and unless he's ever given ANY sign of aggression towards your son, I wouldn't worry overly about it.

So..some questions...what are you feeding him?  How often & for how long is he walked every day?
If you just confine him all the time, yes, he'll chew through a gate.

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