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My dog broke his hock and as a result developed streptococcous septacemia, which he nearly died of.  He is now on antibiotics for 6 weeks before the vet can even consider repairing the leg to make sure any infection is totally gone.  He is also having a bone biopsy in 2 weeks to rule out any tumour in the bone.  Yesterday he had an x-ray on his leg to check progress and he had a general anaesthetic to carry out this procedure.  I was expecting him to be off his food etc. last night, but he is still like it today and I am worrying now because when he developed the streptococcous septacemia he totally went off his food.  I have managed to get him to eat a little bit when taking his tablets, but he wouldn't eat his tinned dog food at lunchtime. Also he just vomitted some frothy fluid.  Am I being paranoid or do you think it is still the effects of the anaesthetic.  He had the procedure done about 24 hours ago.

Most dogs are likely not to eat much the first 24 hours or so after anesthetic.
Is he drinking?  That's important so he doesn't get dehydrated.  To encourage that..put one or two tbsp. of chicken broth in some "very warm" water.  The smell will make him drink.

Do not give undilated canned broth - it's loaded with sodium.

The frothy fluid may be simply that his tummy is empty.  Try feeding small bits by hand.

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