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Cocker Spaniels/My cocker spaniel is acting really wierd ?


QUESTION: Hey there,
My name is Nathalie and I have a 1 year and 3 month old Cocker Spainel (English not American)
and he has been acting wierd lately.. He has been throwing up 1 week ago and now is fine but last night he was barking non stop at 12 am at nothing. He wasn't thirsty hungry nor wanted to go to the bathroom. Then this morning he was showing me aggression towards me letting him touch his food. He would growl and try to bite me. I calmed him down by speaking softly but he still wouldn't let me move his food nor touch his bed. What do I do? (He's not neutered, eats regularly and  has enough exercise)

ANSWER: At what time of day did he vomit?  And what did he vomit?
Did this aggression begin about the same time?  Is it confined to food?
Are you planning on neutering him?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Around noon,  he vomited  his own Food,  No his agression started a week ago, No I don't think he's confined to food but he only eats one type of bag of dog food and yes I'm planning to neuter him but I think he's to young.

At over a year - he's overdue for neutering.

What I'm trying to determine is what his aggression is focused on.  Many dogs don't like being touched while they're eating.  If that's his problem, then put his food down and walk away.
Sometimes if you simply avoid the situation - it disappears.

If he's being aggressive otherwise, I need a detailed example.

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