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QUESTION: A few days ago, whilst walking my 4 year old working cocker spaniel in a field of long grass, she ran off into the grass, gave out a yelp and ran back to my legs. Since then, she will no longer chase balls, run off lead or generally play. She now walks to heel at all times in a variety of environments. whatever spooked her had had a serous effect. I am allowing her to lead walks and encouraging her to regain confidence, but its slow. any suggestions to help?

ANSWER: Is she walking normally?  Inside is she behaving normally (jumping on/off a sofa - going up & down stairs)?
Have you carefully inspected her foot pads & legs?  Appetite okay?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: yes, eating normally, fine around the house. Not found any bites or marks, no blood stains. Walking okay, allows full inspection and flexing of joints, just anxious about walking in the open

Sorry for delay, Mike.  Something amiss with the website.

I'd certainly try popping her in the car and taking her somewhere devoid of all her normal environment.  Like..the nearest mall..or a street in town.  I don't know if you're in a rural or urban environment.  If she's okay with that - then we have a clue how to proceed.

I don't think she got spooked - I think she got hurt and is wisely avoiding getting hurt again.
Please keep checking her paws because there's a certain weed (cannot recall name) that sticks a sharp, fairly invisible little "spike" into them that's extremely hard to find.

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